R.Kumar Narayanan

As Managing Director of Saintunes, Kumar has worn many hats through the years in business. A musician, a sound engineer, a graphic designer, a singer – his skills are multi-faceted. With over a decade in music and design space, he has worked on several corporate, music and sound-related projects, and also conducted classes for graphic design and image drawing at NIFT and IOD in Chennai.
Kumar’s team comprises of young dynamic musicians and sound engineers adept at composing songs, theme tunes and background scores for various mediums. As Managing Director, he has spearheaded projects which include instant recall ringtones for Hungama, and scored music for the corporate presentation of Park-Hyatt chain of hotels.
Kumar’s anthem for the Chennai Super Kings, Dho-Dho-Dhoni is still a rage, as is his other anthem Roar for CSK. Saintunes is also known for having brought out fusion bhajans, contemporary English songs, an album of romantic Tamil ballads, a soundtrack for the Worldwide Human Rights & Welfare Organisation, a sound and design project for the movie Ethirmarai (the first digital movie in Tamil), and lots more.
Kumar, known for his graphic designing skill sets, has done creative designs and layouts for KIWI and San Vision Energy Technology, and website creation for a feature film titled Adiyum Andamum.
With a deep gratitude towards all that Saintunes is, we support children’s education and welfare measures through various NGO’s.


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